Born and raised in Europe, Nuyens is a serial entrepreneur with a background in international business, finance, and Entertainment. He was voted as one of the top entrepreneurs in Tennessee. He is a visionary in Geo-Political and Socio-Economic global strategic forecasting through which he identifies new international trends. Jozef is a founding partner of Fivestone Partners, a business creation, consulting and investment firm that focuses on early and growth stage companies. He is a founder of Rugosa Partners, an investment fund that concentrates on “maturing” start-up ventures. Jozef co-founded Passalong Networks, a digital distribution technology platform company with clients such as eBay, P&G, Costco, and soon after became the CEO of its artist-centric spin-off company, Speakerheart. For 30 years, Nuyens ran The Castle as its president & CEO for the first “high Tech” digital technology recording complex in the Southeast, recording projects by more than 400 Gold and Platinum artists.