Chronic Conditions

Growth Hormone

Growing Up with Growth Hormone Deficiency
Let TwelveStone make growing up
easier with a care team built around you.

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Peer Advocates

I’m here for you,

because I’ve walked
in your shoes.

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Patient Services

Comprehensive support
to help you manage
your condition – physically,
financially, spiritually.

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Organizational Resources

The focus and emphasis of the Foundation objectives vary with the opportunities to provide support, services, and education to children with disorders of growth and adults with growth hormone deficiency, and to the medical profession; and, with the availability of funding and communications media to support the programs and activities, and general office operations necessary to provide them.

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MAGIC Foundation is the global leader in endocrine health, advocacy, education, and support. Children fail to grow for a variety of reasons. Hormones, genetics, sleep, nutrition, general health and exercise are all factors for normal growth.

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