Cornerstone Infusion Management Solutions

A turnkey approach to in-office infusion therapy

Cornerstone’s in-office infusion therapy solution enables physicians to provide a more personalized, connected experience for their high-risk patients.

Offering in-office infusion therapy not only improves continuity of care, convenience, accessibility, and adherence—all critical components for successful outcomes—it also provides significant benefits for physicians and patients alike.

Advantages of in-office infusion therapy

  • Reduces gaps in care
  • Streamlines care team collaboration and communication
  • Enables real-time patient monitoring for more timely care decisions
  • Enhances the patient experience
  • Increases patient satisfaction and loyalty
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Provider Benefits

  • Improves reimbursement under value-based models
  • Supports practice growth strategies
  • Provides a competitive advantage
  • Strengthens practice reputation and awareness
  • Attracts more patients
  • Increases word-of-mouth referrals

Patient Benefits

  • Increases convenience for patients and families
  • Reduces anxiety due to familiar faces and trusted caregivers
  • Enables easier accessibility than large,hospital-based centers
  • Reduces exposure for patients with compromised immune systems
  • Simplifies scheduling and eliminates double-bookings and waitlists
  • Provides financial support to mitigate barriers to care
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Getting started is easy

Cornerstone’s turnkey solution is designed to help physician practices get up and running with minimal disruption to operations.

No capitalinvestment required

Streamlined implementation

Leverages existing space

Cornerstone licensed clinicians provided

Site development andinterior design support

Includes infusion chairs and other standard furniture & equipment


Direct feedback onpatients shared in EMR

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As our nation ages, new novel therapies come to market, and the incidence of chronic disease increases, the need for infusion services will grow exponentially. There’s never been a better time to implement in-office infusion services, and Cornerstone can help make it happen.