By Shane Reeves, CEO of TwelveStone Health Partners

At the Leadercast Event last week, some incredible speakers shared highly relevant content with more than 100,000 people nationwide. As sponsors of a site in Murfreesboro, many of the leaders in my company and our community were able to hear from a group of really motivating presenters including Pastor Andy Stanley, Branding Specialist Kat Cole, Sportscaster James Brown, Coach Nick Sabin and several others.

Andy Stanley led the event with a tremendous message —clarity results in influence, which is the essence of leadership. We follow those who are clear, we value that even over integrity. This axiom holds true in politics and in business, as well. At TwelveStone, our goal is build a company with both integrity and clarity.

When we hire someone, we hire their hands and part of their brain but we also strive to engage their heart. Our vision and mission isn’t something we say, it’s something we do every day. We live it and reward it so that our culture reflects our commitment to simplify the complexity of healthcare while delivering exceptional service.

We have a purpose that every employee is encouraged to memorize and repeat often.

TwelveStone Health Partners is an organization that

  • Honors God
  • Cares for Patients
  • Develops our Team; and
  • Generates a profit

It really is that simple…