We all remember learning about Thanksgiving in grade school. Besides making hand turkeys, many of us reenacted the Thanksgiving meal when pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians sat down together to celebrate the bountiful harvest. It’s hard to believe that nearly 400 years have passed since the first Thanksgiving in 1621. We can thank Abraham Lincoln for making it an official national holiday in 1863.

Fast forward to today where we’re experiencing a surge of societal tensions, finger-pointing, and us-against-them attitudes. It can be sad and even overwhelming to watch the evening news. And while it’s our duty as citizens of our great country to stay informed, we can’t lose sight of the many blessings we have around us every day, such as our families, our faith, our great economy, and our wonderful middle Tennessee community.

At the same time, we know this time of year makes us cognizant of the opportunity to show special compassion to those living with chronic health conditions who struggle in their daily lives. At TwelveStone, our focus has been to find ways to relieve some of the stress associated with the medication side of chronic care management. Daily, as we speak with patients, and pray with patients we have the opportunity to deliver kindness, instead of the exasperation.

For those fortunate enough to enjoy good health, I suggest taking a moment to not only celebrate it, but to create a preventative plan to maintain it; we often don’t appreciate our health until it’s gone. A good place to start is a Thanksgiving Day race such as the Turkey Trot or Borodash. A great way to start your day so that you can enjoy the bounty of Thanksgiving without concern.

However you choose to spend this Thanksgiving, lets all slow down a bit and be present with our families, to share our many blessings, and to remember those no longer with us.

With gratitude,
Shane Reeves