As a senator, I have the opportunity to routinely connect with people across the state of Tennessee. This happened again Sunday afternoon in Bedford County. I was approached by a gentleman who explained to me that his wife had been facing a number of serious health conditions over the last couple of years that required in-home infusion services from TwelveStone Health Partners.

He went on to explain that we had delivered IV medication to her house, had called to pray with her, and responded two times after hours when they were having pump/IV issues. Of course, this was no surprise to me. But I have to admit that I love hearing a patient or family member detail the comprehensive service offering that we have collectively worked so hard to build and deliver.

He said his wife was in a desperate place a few years ago and routinely would share that she was close to giving up. Yet, after successful treatment over this year, 2020, she now has her strength back, was attending church again, and spending time with their grandchildren. They were also planning a trip to the beach over the upcoming holidays.

He continued, “What you are doing at Twelve Stone is saving lives. Keep up the good work.” I was humbled and reflected on that for a moment.

Our brand, TwelveStone, has held deep meaning to me from day one. But our brand is not a name or a business card. It is the care we take each day with every single patient interaction. We never know where that patient might be mentally or spiritually. We may never know how our efforts in sending a care package, a prayer, or a smooth stone with the number 12 on it might impact clients and their loved ones at a much deeper level.

All of this is the “WHY” behind what we do!

The number of patients with chronic, complex, and rare disease are expected to increase over the next decade across all age groups. Per the American Action Forum, “the total cost of chronic disease in the United States reaches $3.7 trillion each year, approximately 19.6 percent of the country’s gross domestic product.”1 Although this is a staggering statistic in terms of our economy, it also indicates that the need for what we do will only grow. And we will be here. We are dedicated to meeting that need through not just clinical care, but also both spiritual and personal engagement.