compassion kindness

By Shane Reeves, TwelveStone Health Partners

In 1990, I embarked on the journey to become a pharmacist. I am fiercely passionate about helping people and saw this career path as the perfect balance between science and service.

Since beginning my career in 1994 in the family business (which evolved into TwelveStone Health Partners), I have only grown more devoted to connecting with people and ensuring that they receive the best care possible. It is a core responsibility of every team member to let God’s grace work through us to treat others with kindness, compassion, love, and peace of mind in their most challenging season.

All TwelveStone clinicians share the same mindset, it’s part of our organizational DNA. It is our honor and duty to comfort patients, praying for and with them, treating each with the dignity they deserve regardless of circumstance. This is the reason that receiving emails with praise from our patients brings me great joy. I am truly humbled and blessed to offer to be given the opportunity to offer our services in communities throughout Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia.

One of the most recent emails comes from a patient who shared:

“Shane – I have been getting a monthly injection at your infusion center in Murfreesboro for the last year. Every time that I am there, I am amazed at how kind I am treated. Last month, I told one of the nurses that I knew you personally and how thankful I was for her kindness.  She said: ‘Shane would not have it any other way.’ I just thought you might want to know this.”

Our patients are the reason TwelveStone exists, and knowing our team is providing excellent care is a source of pride. Each patient’s experience, and their feedback, is what motivates us to continue doing what we do so well. It is truly the best motivation to continue to be a positive influence in their lives and to make the challenging conditions they face just a bit easier to manage.