12 Stone Chaplain ChipOften, I’m asked, “how is TwelveStone different?” As the chief executive there are many areas of the company I could highlight in response. But when I consider the Biblical mandate to love God and love people, I immediately think of our company Chaplain and Patient Advocate, Chip Sekulich.

Chip truly embodies this principle, and he does a wonderful job of sharing the love of Jesus with every single person he speaks with offering both hope and comfort. He does it in a kind, unassuming way.

With more than 40 years in Christian Ministry, a background as an Army medic and experience as a nursing tech Chip has the wisdom, passion, and empathy to meet people right where they are. Since 2010 Chip has been a foundational member of this company and in his own words, “I simply love to pray with and for hurting people.”

Chip has held many roles at TwelveStone but when we committed to the concept of having a Corporate Chaplain available to serve as a listening ear, a prayer partner and when desired an advisor offering basic Biblical direction and advice, there was no doubt this was a position designed just for him.

Chip offers confidential support to both patients and staff team members, live or virtually. He is often found deep in prayer for our success and for the needs of patients who struggle to live with chronic, complex conditions. Certainly, we minister to our patient’s medical needs, but what truly differentiates TwelveStone is our concern for their mental and spiritual health. Chip is a friendly voice, who so often connects with people at just the right moment when they need a listening ear and the belief someone cares.

Each day, his duties as a Patient Advocate include reaching out to each new patient as part of our “Wow Program.” When patients onboard at TwelveStone, they are sent a gift bag with a few practical items and a card sharing the TwelveStone story. Based upon their therapy, Chip attempts to reach out to them with a personal phone call and when appropriate, offers a quick prayer. If a patient voices a need, request or concern related to their therapy, he is the conduit ensuring they are connected to the appropriate TwelveStone Team, or employee best positioned to assist them.

The stories I hear about the impact of our Chaplain service humble me. I love sharing them with our team so each of them connects with our mission, vision, and values. Yes, TwelveStone delivers a superior medical service in our expanding number of infusion centers in a spa-like environment. And that certainly matters in creating an impression. But, when it comes right down to it, what makes us special, what actually changes lives, is a simple offer repeated every day with great love, “how might I pray for you?”