By Shane Reeves, Chief Executive Officer, TwelveStone Health Partners

shane reeves father at pharmacy

I had dinner with my dad over the weekend and given the nearness of his birthday (November 22nd) he was understandably reminiscing about his almost 81 years of life. Most of the community here in Murfreesboro and the employees at TwelveStone know that my dad is a pharmacist. He is the reason that I entered this profession more than 30 years ago. He clearly had his ups and downs in the pharmacy business, including being robbed at gunpoint, facing bankruptcy on at least two occasions, and going through a “bad breakup” with a former partner in the late 1970’s.

But with a smile on his face, he reminded me this weekend once again that, “God has always been faithful. Just remember that when you are in a fight – hit first and hit hard but know that you are not alone.”

One of the most challenging things about getting old is that your social life quickly becomes marked by the continual visits to the funeral home to honor a friend or family member who has passed through the veil. Just this past weekend, dad lost another friend, Evelyn Hardison, whom he graduated with from high school. He shared somberly, “son, getting old ain’t for sissies.”

I am thankful for my father, and for the risks that he took to stay afloat in the crazy world of pharmacy decades ago. I knew as we launched TwelveStone that it would not be easy, there would be so many challenges but also great opportunity. When I was asked or run for state senate that also felt risky, but I knew that as a pharmacist and business leader it would provide many opportunities to help others in my community.  Being a leader is also not for sissies, but the risk is worth the reward.

In a recent meeting, I shared recent book I just read called: “Leading When you are Not in Charge” written by Clay Scroggins. There’s some wisdom in it that is worth repeating.

  • Create an oasis of excellence in your area
  • Lead yourself by being self-aware of your gifting
  • Be a lifter not a limiter—be crazy positive
  • Trickle up innovative ideas
  • Find alignment even when you disagree
  • LOVE our patients

It’s hard to believe but there are only 67 days left in 2022. Let’s all work hard to finish this year strong and more importantly be present with our families over the holiday season.

Be blessed.