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By: Shane Reeves, Chief Executive Officer, TwelveStone Health Partners

Great leaders know “buy in” from the team is essential to lead an organization. You may have heard the phrase: if you are leading and no one is following, you are just on a walk. For a successful team to build and expand there must be a clear vision of where you are going, why you want to go there, what needs to be accomplished along the way and the guidelines of how to get there.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keeps the law, happy is he”. Proverbs 29:18.

People want to be a part of something bigger than themselves and have an eye on the destination even if it is a long way off. Think of the Duomo in Florence Italy. It took almost 75 years to complete. Talk about a vision! The architect laid out a plan that hundreds of men poured their lives into and yet would not see the completion or enjoy the buildings beauty themselves! This can be applied to our founding fathers and their efforts to fight for the future of America.  Every President tries to cast a vision during a State of the Union address, to entice members of both parties to support. The same is true for any meaningful project personal or professional.

At TwelveStone Partners we want everyone to come to work saying to themselves: “I am part of a growing organization that cares for people with serious health issues—I know my part and am going to do my best each day to help us succeed.

Every single person on the team has a part to play in helping TwelveStone BUILD this year.

So, how does this translate for each of you? Here are a few examples.

  • Marketing and Sales must be focused on helping to hit revenue goals
  • Intake must aim for outstanding timely service to our referral sources
  • Patient Care must deliver clinical care with excellence and teamwork
  • Infusion Center Staff are responsible for ensuring a positive and differentiating patient experience
  • Long-Term Care, Specialty Rx, Home Infusion and the Enterals team must deliver excellent care just like our infusion centers
  • Logistics will make every effort to have packaged medications delivered on time
  • Billing will deepen and strengthen relationships with our 3rdparty payers and assist patients in minimizing out of pocket expenses
  • Purchasing must ask themselves daily “how can I buy this medicine more cost effectively?”
  • Finance you are responsible for paying bills on time and protecting the company’s cash flow
  • Human Resources, must continue to find excellent team members and then hire, train, and retain them

You get the point; we must build TOGETHER.

When I look forward to this building season, I cannot help but think about Noah and the Ark. God gave him a clear vision: Build the Ark and prepare for something he and his community had never seen before. Bible scholars conclude it probably took 55-75 years to build the Ark. Nearly the length of time to build the Duomo—-a huge undertaking! And that didn’t include the time to fill the Ark with supplies and animals. This incredible task took a clear vision, a detailed plan, and Noah’s sons and wives to achieve. They did this amidst the naysayers, complications, setbacks and what appeared to be an un-foreseen future.

Join me this year as we build our future. Our patients need it even more than we want it—patients we have not even met yet.

Our patients need each of us to support what Twelve Stone wants to build. Remember the movie “Field of Dreams” with Kevin Costner. The one line that still resonates to everyone is:

“If You Build it – they will come”

We are building and they are most certainly coming.