nurse showing patient ipad

I recently needed an oil change. I went to the Express Oil Change here in Murfreesboro, a location I had visited a couple of years ago. I didn’t really have a “go-to” oil change location until I experienced Saturday’s high level of attentive service.

Alyssa was my mechanic. Besides the typical things you might expect (greeting me by name, welcoming me back, changing the oil, and putting the sticker on with the new reminder date for the next oil change) she also educated me on their superior oil, checked other important things like the tire pressure, water levels, lights, turn signals, even washed my front window. To go the extra mile, she provided me with a cold-water bottle, upsold me a new air filter, showed me the oil dipstick so I knew the oil was changed and clean, and gave me $10 off the final price as a thank-you for choosing Express Oil (They may do this for everyone, but it made me feel special). 

As I finished up, she handed me her business card and said: “I really appreciate you choosing to get your oil changed at Express Oil. If you were pleased with my service, I would appreciate you taking a few minutes to give me a positive review.” (Her business card had a QR code to take me right to the survey). I just went for an oil change but got a full-service experience I did not know I needed or wanted.   

Company brands are like a person’s reputation. A person earns a positive reputation by making good choices and helping others who are in need. Companies earn their good brands when they make good choices and go above and beyond to help others. It really is that simple. 

At TwelveStone, we have the honor of doing more than meeting our patient’s healthcare needs. We meet each individual where they are with compassion, comfort, and a variety of care. That care comes from their first contact through follow-up after they receive their service. Their thoughts are beautifully reflected in the hundreds of Google reviews we’ve received, most of them five-star. 

Here are some interesting facts: 

  • 5%–10% of people write reviews, influencing around $400 billion of the total e-commerce sales revenue.
  • 95% of people are likely to share bad experiences.
  • 84% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from friends.

Every team member at TwelveStone is a brand ambassador. Nothing makes me prouder than when I receive a call from a patient detailing the amazing care they’ve received often pointing to individuals by name. That patient is our boss. What they say matters. I am thankful they hold us to a high standard of care and I am even more thankful for the amazing group of caregivers who call TwelveStone home.