By Shane Reeves, Chief Executive Officer

Small group praying in circle with hands on shoulders

Most companies don’t have a chaplain—but perhaps they should. The TwelveStone commitment to both the physical and spiritual healing of our patients extends to our employees as well. Families care for one another, and we like to view our organization as an extension of our own families. That’s how we treat every patient who comes to our infusion center or receives medication or nutrition support from TwelveStone in their home, physician’s office, or post-acute care facility.

But does this matter? Does it have a real and lasting impact? I don’t ponder that very often because we have so many examples from patient feedback received nearly every day.

These are just a few examples:

“A very dedicated and extraordinary group of nurses, I recently went through a tough time myself at a young age at 27, and both the nurses were right there by my side. I wish I had more stars to give to TwelveStone because the staff is far by amazing staff in the world. Y’all rock!!!”
– Infusion Center Patient, Canton GA

“Always friendly and well organized. Thinks of all the details to make your experience more pleasant. They have pillows, blankets, snacks, and many movie options to make your time there the best it can be. I also love how clean they are. So glad we switched from our previous infusion center!”
– Infusion Center Patient, Chattanooga TN

“Best hospitality I’ve ever received at any infusion center. I definitely recommend them!”
– Infusion Center Patient, Mt Juliet TN

“Those ladies are on it. Some would say “The Lord’s work”!”
– Infusion Center Patient, Murfreesboro, TN

Internally we are blessed to have Chip Sekulich as our lead chaplain. Just this morning, he sent a message to the employees that read:

“With many newer folks on board, let me take a minute to say, “Welcome to TwelveStone.” As Chaplain, I have the honor of praying with/for many of our Patients who desire to do so. I am also your Chaplain as well.

If you have a prayer request, concern or just need to share please take a few minutes to share it with me via email, Teams Message and/or text message.”

Each and every day, he asks our patients and our employees, “How may I pray for you today?” Knowing that someone cares makes all the difference during the challenging times in which we live. At TwelveStone we believe that prayer is powerful.

Be blessed,

Shane Reeves