purpose-gratitude“I am Sandy, and my family LOVES your company.”

What is better than a stranger who walks up to you and shares this type of sentiment unsolicited? If you have any curiosity at all; after providing a sincere thanks, you ask a few questions. 1) how did you hear about us? 2) Why did you come to us? 3) What did you like about our services? and 4) what do we need to work on?

How did you hear about us?

The best form of advertising is word of mouth. While everyone should have a well-crafted brand and marketing and PR plan, one of the most direct paths to our front door is a referral from a friend or family member. Their positive experience speaks with clarity and conviction. Their perspective comes from the collection of moments experienced through every interaction with the organization.

Why did you come to us and what do you need?

In many ways this is about learning what services are driving people to our doors and what expectations patients have so we can offer a differentiated service.  If delivered properly, the patient becomes a loyal advocate willing to share about their experience.

What did you like?

Knowing what went right seems obvious. Understanding this is the key to establishing areas of excellence; reminding us of what should be the standard experience. Gathering this feedback also reminds us how valuable and necessary our work is to the patient and the community. It may be the 100th time we are doing nearly the same thing for a new patient, but for them, it is the first time. In an uncertain world, it is worth taking the time to breathe in gratitude and thinking about how this experience is through the eyes of the patient.

What do we need to work on?

When we intentionally reach out to assess patient satisfaction this question is part of the conversation, but how many times do you ask this when you are getting unsolicited accolades? It may be tempting to focus on what went right to elicit even more enthusiasm and praise but what better time to find out areas to improve? Especially from a patient who has had a positive experience. THEY are sharing this information from an invaluable perspective and provide an opportunity to make an adjustment we might never have considered but could have exponential impact.

OTHERS loving our company starts with US loving our company

Loving our company starts with loving ourselves enough to bring the healthiest us to the team every single day. Take care of your body, mind and spirit. Not just in the pivotal/significant choices but in the everyday small choices you may not even notice anymore. It is good choices stacked one upon another over time that give you a purposeful life and an enduring legacy.

Every single Monday you have the freedom to exhibit the very best of yourself and believe the same for those around you. At TwelveStone we can change the lives of people struggling with significant issues. Do not underestimate the power of a positive attitude, a smiling face, an encouraging word, a prayer and when necessary, an apology.

Each Monday read your mission statement and core values. Those words are a written covenant between you, your co-workers and those you serve. You joined our team because you believed in those words. Live it out today like it is your first day. This shared covenant with your team is the intangible thing connecting you to your patient and the lingering feeling they most remember.