corporate-cultureWe can look at culture (organizational health) in a company the same way a builder looks at the mortar between the bricks of a house. If the mortar is cracking or weak then the house will not be stable. It might collapse under the strain of bad weather due to a poor “mortared” foundation. The mortar at TwelveStone is a combination of our purpose statement, core values, aligned strategy, commitment to teamwork, and healthy communication.

I have conducted about 10 NEO’s (New Employee Orientation) this year. It is amazing how many incredible people are joining the TwelveStone family. In these early months, they are meeting new people, getting trained, and finding their place in our great company. These new people are impacted by the health of our culture. The smallest things can enhance their formative experience (celebrating wins, and improved transparency in communications) or diminish it (gossip, lack of cohesion, and overworking). We are the reason they stay and thrive, or we can also be the reason they leave. Our culture will penetrate their hearts as they evaluate working for TwelveStone.

In the spirit of trying to strengthen our ‘mortar’, consider these three things:

You need to own you.

You have total control over your attitude, work ethic and commitment to your peers. If I surveyed the people working closely with you daily—what are the words they would use to describe you? (Committed, Helpful, Kind, or Selfish, Defensive, Unproductive). Do not blame your attitude or your productivity on someone else. You must own you!

Even the most talented people can’t flourish in a mediocre culture.

TwelveStone is growing and patients love the experience they receive. We are financially healthy, and we have significant growth plans on the horizon for the next three years. To succeed, our culture needs to remain excellent. That means we need to have an environment where everyone clearly knows where they contribute (your seat on the bus), that we have a clear strategy for the future (know where the bus is going) and that we celebrate wins (stop the bus briefly to reflect, reward and rest). Great cultures embrace TEAMWORK where organizational health trumps individuals solely looking out for themselves. We cannot achieve our goals with a mediocre culture.

Trust & Innovate

Nobody knows your job better than you. If we do not have a trustworthy culture, you won’t feel free to share your ideas on how to make the company better. Cultures that promote innovation inspire creativity, confidence, and loyalty (your voice is being heard). This same culture also embraces facing mistakes and risks. These can be powerful moments for growth when handled openly and quickly.

As a leader, please know that my door is always open. I love our patients; I enjoy getting to know you and I am proud of the company we built together. I welcome your feedback on what we are doing well and where we can improve.