Medication made Simple, Efficient and Accurate

Counting and sorting pills from multiple bottles can be challenging for patients, especially those with chronic conditions or complex medication regimens.


MEDIpack Makes It Easy

Eliminate the need to sort and count pills each week. 
Reduce trips to the pharmacy.
Throw out your pill planners.

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How it works

  • Medications, vitamins and OTCs are delivered to the patient’s home each month
  • Easy to open packets contain prescribed medication dose, along with day and time instructions
  • Refills and medication changes are automatically processed in collaboration with your physician
  • TwelveStone submits bills and all paperwork to the insurance company

Get more with MEDIpack

  • Pharmacists consultations available
  • First delivery can be sent to rehab facility or nursing home prior to discharge
  • Additional supplies such as inhalers are included
  • Overnight shipments for last-minute medications are available

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Adhering to medical treatment plans is easier with MEDIpack.

I so appreciate the prayers.
When I have questions, they
are so willing to help and the
service is excellent!

Emily S.
Chattanooga TN