By Chip Sekulich, Chaplain and Patient Advocate | TwelveStone Health Partners

Seventeen years ago this morning, over the course of several hours, nearly 3,000 people in the Northeastern US left this life unexpectedly and the lives of many millions of the rest of us would be changed forever.

Certainly, we should remember positive events and relationships that have helped to shape our lives. We should also remember those negative events that imprint themselves on our minds. Events where everything slows down and we can remember details about right where we were and what we were doing when we heard or experienced the event. Such was that life-changing Tuesday morning in 2001.

We were glued to the news. We prayed for victims, first responders and their families. Terms like Twin Towers, Pentagon and “Let’s Roll” replaced the weather as common ground for many discussions across the land. We wept. We were angered, we were galvanized together and we were afraid. Were there more attacks coming? Was any place safe? A wave of patriotism and unity swept across the land – along with a profound fear.

What lessons can we learn from 9-11?

1. Even declared atheists may consider prayer in times of crisis.

2. Heroes come in every shape, color and size and often rise from obscurity.

3. In times of crisis, the ordinary can become extraordinary.

4. There will be a last time that you get to talk to or say to those important in your life, “I love you”.

5. With God’s help, the deepest fear can be turned into courage and resolve.

6. Trusting Him brings strength when you face those things that make you afraid.

7. Never take life for granted- it is a gift from God- or as someone said, “That’s why it is called the Present.”

8. Be aware, but don’t live your life in fear.

Where were you on 9/11? What did you learn from that day?

Remember… But don’t walk in fear!