The rapid spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) reminds us all of the vital role hospitals, health systems, and providers play in supporting our society during stressful moments like this in history.

I have read several encouraging industry articles (and listened to a great podcast) about the proactive steps our healthcare system, state and federal government partners are taking to help address the rise in patient volume and protect their employees while remaining laser-focused on delivering high-quality care.

Please know that TwelveStone is following that same level of precautions with our own employees and infusion center patients, and that we will continue supporting all providers who rely on us to deliver medications to patients with chronic, complex, and rare conditions.
Some of these measures include:
  • Enhanced protocols for cleaning and sanitizing our waiting area and infusion suites, and office space on a more frequent basis
  • Ensuring our caregivers initiate extreme handwashing routines and strategically placing hand sanitizer throughout our facility
  • Having all clinical staff wear caps, gowns, and gloves in all patient and medication interactions
  • Offering private suites to isolate patients from one another
  • Allowing support staff to work from home as possible
  • Increased communication with patients to check-in and ensure medication compliance
  • And finally, we are initiating aggressive internal changes to prevent any contamination from getting in the supply chain

We’re all facing a new reality in terms of the manner in which we keep the business of healthcare moving forward. Relationships are at the center of what we do. We believe now more than ever that it’s important to stay connected and engaged in order to reduce anxiety and fear.

Let me share something that Chip Sekulich, our TwelveStone Chaplain, shared with our team last week, “Fear is an irrational enemy, resistant to reason and logic. Fear does little to provoke hope and life but rather instills additional shame and seclusion. May we present the adversary of fear to those in the trenches—faith in God, because light always conquers darkness.”

There is a great deal of information about COVID-19 and government health guidelines available at these locations:

I commit to you that we will go above and beyond the call of duty to provide exemplary pharmaceutical products and services to our patients to help keep them safe during this challenging time.


Shane Reeves, PharmD
CEO, TwelveStone Health