By Shane Reeves, Chief Executive Officer

While out driving around, I saw a sign on a business about the “57 Rules to Success”. It read:

Provide incredible value to your customers
The other 56 don’t matter

This sign made me think about the work we are doing here at TwelveStone and how proud I am of the value we provide our own customers. I was in Lewisburg on Saturday morning speaking to a Farm Bureau breakfast. After the meeting, a woman came up to me and introduced her daughter Nora.

She said, “We heard that you were going to be down here this morning and we wanted to come to thank you personally for taking care of Nora’s medications. She was born with a heart condition and your pharmacy has helped us a few times when no one else seemed to care. You folks are our heroes.”

My heart was so full – that is why we do what we do!

The only reason that we have a business is because of our patients. Their loyalty and patronage of our company are what allows us to thrive. They are never an interruption to our business; they are the purpose of it.

The reason that we have grown so much in the past three years is that we are providing more value to them than anyone else in the marketplace. We are solving their problems and making them feel good about choosing our company. At Twelve Stone, we encourage our team members to go the extra mile to take care of a patient and it shows.

So as I have shared with my team: dust off your cape this week put on your COVID mask, and become a hero for one of our patients!