Christmas-mangerWaiting for Christmas is a season of stillness, of waiting and of expectant hope. God brought His only son to us in the whisper of a dark night, away in a manger, away from the crowd.

It should be no surprise that the greatest stealer of our joy at Christmas is the ‘busy-ness’ of modern life. Our culture has created a frenzy of activities, parties, gift buying and competition with Christmas decorations. Nothing is wrong with these festive moments, but if we don’t pay attention, they can rob us of the greatest gift we’ll ever receive—beautifully wrapped and available again and again. I pray you find time to pause for a few moments every day of this month to reflect on what the God of the universe has for you.  Whether you have an advent calendar, or you read through the Book of Luke as a devotional with the family, I encourage you to carve out intentional time where you are unhurried.

Sitting in the Stillness

The last thing we think of in December is stillness. But in the stillness, we find supernatural peace. It is a chance to do an internal check. In these quiet moments, notice your breath, your emotions, and your physical self. Turn off all technology, light a candle, and simply rest in the moment. Studies show that just two minutes a day can deliver true restoration.

Remember to honor the cost of Christmas

In Isaiah 53 Christ is described with extreme clarity regarding what was about to come. (If you have not read it or read it in a while, I encourage you to do so). It was a foreshadowing of the cost Jesus would pay to restore our relationship with his Father. It speaks of His humble beginnings, the rejection, the obstacles He would face and ultimately the sacrifice he would make.  For many of us, 2020 brought a return to simplicity and the opportunity to enjoy the holidays and appreciate just being together. Even though we are heading back to “normal”, I hope we approach each day with gratitude.

Wait with Expectant Hope

In this season, take a moment to consider where you might be drawn toward in the coming year. Rather than thinking of ‘resolutions’, self-imposed rules around what we must start doing or stop doing, ponder the desires that God has placed in your heart. Reflect on what you will need to do. Consider what you may need to lay down, where you may need to re-adjust and where you may need help. Expectant Hope is believing that the desires of your heart will come to pass, trusting the tempo and the timing.

We have so much to be grateful for at TwelveStone Health Partners. We have worked well as a team. We have dealt with challenges, and we have been blessed. Let us take a breather this Advent Season and be excited and expectant about what lies ahead in the future.