By Shane Reeves

“A-players” are essential to the success of any organization. At TwelveStone Health, these valuable team members are the people who embrace our values and work passionately towards a collective goal. They are also committed to their team and work collaboratively to achieve common objectives. A-players have a clear understanding of their role within the company and contribute value in a meaningful way. All of these traits make A-players invaluable members of the TwelveStone team and essential to the success of our organization. On average teamwork has been shown to increase client satisfaction by 10%. The feedback we receive from our patients about their positive experiences is incredibly beneficial to our entire team and the ‘why’ we come to work each and every day.

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The 8 Traits of an A-Player

With a strong sense of purpose, lots of growth opportunities, and a positive attitude, each member of our team has the tools to excel. In addition to those items, here are the eight traits I believe facilitate making each TwelveStone employee an A-player.


  1. Embrace our purpose statement & core values. At TwelveStone we make a real difference in the lives of our patients. By aligning with our core values, we make certain everyone is rowing in the same direction.
  2. Like to compete and are always looking for growth opportunities. They push one another to be better, always striving for excellence.
  3. Go out of their way to help other team members succeed. They are supportive of one another and want the best for everyone else. This creates an environment of trust and respect within the organization.
  4. Have a clear understanding of their role within the organization. It is knowing your team’s goals, your specific role to help achieve them, especially to think ahead and avoid obstacles. A-players prevent problems before they happen and always have a plan B.
  5. Have a contagiously positive attitude. We all want to be around positive people. It is crucial to stay positive even in tough times to successfully work with others.
  6. Display gratitude that is a lifter, not a limiter. Creating a culture of gratitude helps people feel appreciated and motivated. It is vital to show your team you are thankful for their hard work.
  7. Show a high degree of self-discipline. A-players stay focused and committed to their goals. They don’t get sidetracked or discouraged easily, which allows them to concentrate on their tasks.
  8. They think ahead and avoid obstacles. A-players can prevent many problems from happening by thinking strategically with a wide-angle lens; a valuable asset to all organizations.
    A-Players of the Future

The future of TwelveStone is bright. Our core values and purpose statement guide everything we do and help us attract the right team members. A-players want to be a part of something bigger than themselves, and TwelveStone provides that opportunity each and every day. We compete and are growth-minded, always looking for new ways to improve and deliver unmatched service to our patients. Our team is committed to each other and understands their role in the company. We have a clear vision and are working towards our goals. We are positive and grateful for what we have while looking for ways to give back. We think ahead, avoiding any obstacles in our way. Every team member is essential and plays a vital role in our success.

At TwelveStone Health, we believe a small team of A-players can run circles around a large team of C-players. We understand the value of A-players and their critical role in helping us achieve our goals together.

Be blessed!

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