By Shane Reeves, Founder and CEO

On August 24th I was honored to join ten of my colleagues at the beautiful Conrad Hotel in downtown Nashville for the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) Roaring 20 Award banquet. TwelveStone was thrilled to be honored by the TN chapter of the ACG because it further validates the impact, and success we’ve had in building a unique business model that treats those with complex, chronic disease with a differentiated medication experience.

We’ve experienced tremendous growth in the past year with the backing of local venture investors including Claritas Capital and Heritage Group who are excited about the 20 beautiful infusion centers that we’re building in communities across the southeast beginning in Tennessee, and expanding to contiguous states such as Kentucky, Georgia, and most recently Virginia. We take pride in offering the perfect blend of clinical excellence and a spa-like environment. More importantly, we’ve been able to replicate that experience across our entire footprint so that every patient enjoys the same exceptional patient experience.

They asked me to share the secret of our success. I’ve boiled it down to three key points.

  1. From a business standpoint it’s pretty simple, create a compelling service that generates more value than all of your competitors.  
  2. Then hire the most talented, ambitious, and smart people you can afford
  3. And last but not least–get out of the way.

I’ve discovered over the past 30 years that an experienced and properly motivated team, whose sole mission is to share their joy and faith in the healing process with our patients is really the secret sauce at TwelveStone. Nearly every day we are blessed with incredible, heartwarming five-star Google reviews that put a smile on all our faces, like this one…

“Crystal has changed my son’s infusions that he receives every three weeks into something that he halfway looks forward to, and the half he looks forward to is being with Miss Crystal. My wife and I feel very blessed to call her our friend and someone we completely trust to take care of our 12-year-old son. He says, “She’s the best stick nurse on the planet!” You cannot beat the personal care she gives to each patient. We are truly blessed by her, and she is a part of our family!

When I look back on my career, I will take extreme satisfaction in what we have accomplished at TwelveStone. Building a company is a team sport and the ACG Award is evidence of that fact. It is our team who deserves credit as it is their care with every patient that is the heart and soul of the brand that we call TwelveStone Health Partners.

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